Mass Production

Mass manufacturing is harmful to the environment and is ineffective in the long run. However, it is often used because, for a few years, it might be more productive and appear to be less work than constructing a long-term structure. Nevertheless, in the long term, it depletes the fertile humus layer of the soil, pollutes the environment with toxins, and releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Sustainable agriculture, such as permaculture, on the other hand, uses less land but is much more productive than mass production because it is not based on a single corn or plant. Furthermore, it is not harmful to the ecosystem and does not deplete the fertile soil layer humus.

Not to mention that mass manufacturing often requires intense animal husbandry, which is both unethical and detrimental to one’s health since they use a lot of drugs to avoid contracting a disease, which we then eat.

What can we do for a more sustainable future?

One could purchase organic food and sign petitions to the government expressing their dissatisfaction with agricultural mass production and their desire to reform the main agriculture to protect the environment.