C3 – Mobility

After the C2 – Mobility in Berchtesgaden, Germany, it was time for our team to make way to Naklo, Slovenia! The focus was on the Triglav National Park, where the Slovenian students had arranged numerous activities for the 16 French and German students. We learnt more about the national park throughout our four-day visit, addressed potential conflicts of use, and compared it to national parks in our own region.

The bark beetle was just one of many examples used to explain problems and potential remedies. We also learnt more about and had in-depth discussions about current concerns such as climate change and human-environment coexistence. We investigated potential answers to our common challenges, and thorough results are now available online!

We were able to form new international friendships and develop our language skills in addition to our hard work. We learned more about Slovenian culture and had a lot of new experiences as a result. Finally, we can look back on not only a great week, but also on new educational approaches.

Here are some insights from our trip!