C2 – Mobility

After our C1 – Mobility project in France, it’s time for our C2 – Mobility project in Germany. We’re all working toward the same goal: discovering sustainable development prospects and solutions for the Alpine areas. We were previously aware that some of the challenges in Chambéry (France) and Naklo (Slovenia) are analogous to those in Berchtesgadener Land because our cooperation with our partner schools in France and Slovenia has already been for two years. Many elements must be addressed for long-term sustainable development. As a result, we focus on the following topics in small groups: tourism, biodiversity, agriculture, and climate change. We can give our guests a solid insight and learn about potential conflicts from a direct, experienced source thanks to our tight collaboration with the Berchtesgaden National Park. As a result, a journey to the “Haus Der Berge,” a stroll through the Klausbach valley, and a boat ride to Salet are all on the itinerary. Excursions to the national park will be combined with discussion rounds.

The shared exchange in English runs almost seamlessly and aids us in collectively devising new answers. Following that, we will travel immediately to Slovenia by train. There, we anticipate some fascinating and educational days in the Triglav National Park. We compose the contents and then publish them. Our novel techniques can be employed and put into reality in the Alpine region in this way.


This event is part of the #ErasmusDays celebrations. Erasmus Days are a chance to celebrate Erasmus’ accomplishments and bring the Erasmus community together through festive, cultural, and social events!

Here are some of the photos we took throughout our excursions!