What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity encompasses the diversity of life on Earth, in all of its forms and interconnections. That sounds bewilderingly wide, and it is. Biodiversity is the most intricate and important aspect of our world.

Biodiversity is made up of numerous levels, beginning with genes, then individual species, communities of organisms, and finally entire ecosystems, such as forests or coral reefs, where life interacts with the physical environment. For billions of years, these complex interactions have kept Earth habitable.

Biodiversity, in a more philosophical sense, reflects the knowledge gained by developing species over millions of years about how to live in the immensely varied environmental situations that Earth has faced. Experts warn that humanity is currently “burning the library of life.” Keeping that in mind, we – and our national parks – have already been affected by this “burning.” Our effort aims to share the issues we’re dealing with and offer potential solutions.

Bark beetles are a diverse genus of beetles, often brown or black in color, that reproduce in self-drilled passageways beneath the bark or in the wood of trees, causing significant economic harm. The majority of bark beetle species feed on wood and bark…

Une tourbière est une zone humide caractérisée par la présence de mousses de type Sphaignes. Ces mousses, en mourant, s’accumulent progressivement pour former de la tourbe…