About our Project

Individuals, society, and the economy all have a stake in the preservation of nature. Young people should be exposed to international cooperation and educated on shared cultural history in order to collaborate on solutions to similar issues. The project’s goal is to bring together sustainable development projects in the alpine region, particularly in national parks. In a mutual exchange, the effects of humans on climate change, agriculture, tourism, biodiversity, and nature protection in Germany, Slovenia, and France are evaluated and contrasted.


Erasmus+ is supporting our project. It is an initiative of the European Union to aid education, training, youth, and sport on the continent. One of its main objectives is to achieve long-term sustainability. It’s also a privilege for us that Erasmus+ has chosen to support this project.


We also record all of our most recent observations on eTwinning. It provides a platform for school employees (teachers, head teachers, librarians, and others) in one of the participating European countries to connect, communicate, collaborate, exchange, and, in short, feel and be a part of Europe’s most dynamic learning culture. eTwinning is funded in part by Erasmus+.